The Muhammad Ali Center announces the Fourth Annual “Shining a Light” International Photo Contest.

The goal of this year’s is to showcase the “Experiences of Refugee Women.” The host will produce a documentary-style exhibition from 20 to 30 finalist photographs that will be exhibited at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky beginning March 8, 2018.


“Shining a Light: Experiences of Refugee Women”

Informed by the UNHCR and the Women’s Refugee Commission, the photographic submissions are asked to depict one or more of the following issues as they pertain to Refugee Women’s lived experiences:

  1. Gender-Based Violence
  2. Livelihoods
  3. Rights and Justice
  4. Sexual and Reproductive


for Entries: August 15,
Entry Deadline: December 15,
Muhammad Ali Center Exhibition: March 8, 2018 – June 2018

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