3) Witchcraft is poverty of the mind

There is a vast industry created by mind manipulators on the prevalence of witches and wizards who determine our fate. However, those who hold this belief are victims of economic exploiters who take advantage of people’s naivety and ignorance to manipulate them. The Oluwo’s philosophy is that if rich women are not branded witches, it becomes clear that the branding of poor people as witches smacks of illiteracy, wickedness and backwardness.

4) Monarchy is service and sacrifice

Everyone used to think that traditional leadership was just about giving the rulers only to receive royal blessings. But the Oluwo has educated all that being an Oba is about rendering service to people such as patching Iwo-Osogbo Road, Iwo-Ibadan Road and fixing potholes within his domain. Reports indicate that apart from providing logistics, the Oluwo himself participated in these activities. Therefore, being a monarch is also about sacrificing money and time in feeding the orphans and the hungry and assisting the security agents with surveillance vehicles in the community as he does.

5) Spirituality is not religiosity

Nigerians are very religious with the British Broadcasting Service (BBC) reporting some years back that Nigerians are the most religious people on earth. Despite this, there is no spiritual connection in what many Nigerians do as the armed robbers, prostitutes, the corrupt elements that endanger the lives of people and all manners of criminals claim one religion or the other. The essential thing, however, is to be spiritual and have a sense of connection with God. It is this spirituality that makes mountains fall, gives one abundant courage and makes one do extraordinary things. The monarch has been doing extraordinary things.

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