• On assumption of office, Ambali met 12 Faculties on the ground and he is bequeathing 15 solid Faculties to the as he takes a bow;
  • On assumption of office, he met the Postgraduate School squatting in a dingy building but by the time he is leaving, the Postgraduate School is getting set to move into a more befitting three-storey building complex;
  • On assumption of duties, Ambali met students loitering around the premises in-between lectures, but we now have beautifully designed sit-outs where students could relax and freshen up before entering their various lecture halls;
  • On his assumption of office, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was still squatting in a section of Block 1, but now, the Faculty has moved into its own office complex that is well-equipped with and teaching aids comparable to the best anywhere in the world;
  • On Ambali’s assumption of office, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital only existed on paper, but it has now manifested into a gigantic complex in the heart of the town;
  • On his assumption of office, only about 3,000 students were being accommodated on campus, but Ambali ensured that before his tenure ends, we can now conveniently accommodate about 8,000 students on campus.
  • The Staff Condition of Service and Career Structure were standardized during his tenure.

Other landmark achievements of this enigma include the completion of the 6.5 kilometre College of Sciences Link Road; the completion of the Ring Road; the completion of the Bank Road; the initiation and completion of the Abuja Liaison Office/Guest House complex, e.t.c.

All these giant strides and more are adequately documented in this book that was conceived as a worthy parting gift from the Directorate of Corporate Affairs and a veritable valedictory compendium for a great achiever and an astute manager of men and resources. This, we believe, will not only put his myriads of achievements, while on the Vice-Chancellorship seat, in proper perspective, it will also be an eye-opener to his many leadership potentials that would be very handy for future reference, especially in the very likely case of a higher to national duty.

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