The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences  are now available for every type of student in CSBS for 2018- academic year. applicants are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme.

The aim of the scholarship is to provide financial support to pursue as well as a graduate programme.

The University of Utah is one of the best in the nation at creating startup companies based on student and faculty research. This is indicative of the innovative and industrious thinking found across and in classrooms.


The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:
  • To be eligible for CSBS offered by Dean’s office or by individual departments and programs, you must be a declared major in one of the degree-granting departments of the College of Social and Behavioral Science:
  • Anthropology – Economics – Environmental and Sustainability Studies – Family and Consumer Studies Geography – Health Society and Policy – Affairs and Global Enterprise – Political Science Public Administration – Public Policy – Psychology – Sociology.

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