Bridge the Divide Converge Conference in USA

Bridge the Divide Converge Conference conference for high school and college students, Converge will bring students together across party lines for a day of political discourse, guest speakers, and intriguing workshops.

Bridge the Divide is a platform where young people in high school and college from across the United States and around the world can contribute their unique voices while engaging with their peers’ diverse political convictions. Dialogue, tolerant of thought across the political spectrum, is fostered through the submission of featured opinion editorials, online discussions, in-person conversation promoted by our global ambassadors, and special events, such as leadership summits and live-streamed discussions with young people around the world. In promoting our message online and by means of the words of committed individuals, Bridge the Divide strives to ameliorate the divisiveness and intolerance that has come to characterize political dialogue by ultimately arming young people with an appreciation for diverse political opinion and a profound concern for the future of their respective communities, nations, and the world in total.


United States


  • In a time of great divide in the USA, it is important that the people get together and “converge” as young people. Through participation in political activism and entrepreneurship workshops and exposure to the thoughts and visions of political pioneers, entrepreneurs, activists, thinkers, journalists, and officials across the political spectrum, those who attend Converge will leave with a broader mindset of political tolerance.
  • Keynote Speakers: Emmy Rossum (actress and women’s rights activist known for her role in Shameless) and Mark Mckinnon (Co-Founder of No Labels, political advisor to George Bush, John McCain, and Jeb Bush)!
  • Workshops led by organizations/companies such as UNICEF, The National Resources Defense Council, United Nations Youth, ProCon, Listen1st, Congress Foundation, and more!


  • Applicants must be enrolled in high school or college to attend the conference.

Eligible Regions: Open for All