Comment on Why I Gave My Child Islamic and Yoruba Names as an Igbo Man by Bello Adoto Hussein.

Very few I know with such refined intellect and character. Well done sir Osuji ChimaFrancis

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Be unreasonable!
I read this piece in UNILORIN Bulletin more than a year ago and I couldn’t but appreciate the message. In a world filled loads of reasons to unreasonable, it would be self-limiting to continue swimming in the well of reason when there is an ocean waiting be “unreasonably” explored. Thanks for this wonderful piece sir

Who are the 21st century illiterates?
It’s going through now sir

Who are the 21st century illiterates?
Still not found sir

The shock, the Himalayas and the way out
Fresh as though I am listening to the provoking speech you gave at the formal opening of UCJ Press Week. Thank you sir. NB: to those who may just want to click “like” and go, now will be a good time to make an exception and read through. You will be glad you did. Awesome piece

Social media or social menace?
God bless you sir for this insightful piece

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