On the occasion of the International Youth Day 2017, the EU and OECD Centre, as part of the Youth Inclusion Project, invites you to share your views and aspirations regarding the future of work through a powerful photo!

Young people have aspirations and dreams. Only the sky should be the limit to their optimism and creativity. However, the world is changing fast, with technologies affecting the way we work and the future is increasingly fuzzy for today’s young generation. How is the future of work going to evolve and what dreams and aspirations can young people have in this uncertain future?

Aspirations constitute an important driver for a young person’s career and life choices. They shape how young people think and feel about themselves, their lives, and their communities and influence their actions in the face of challenges and opportunities. Thus, meeting youth aspirations is an important aspect of social cohesion and increasingly a subject of interest among policymakers as they endeavour to design policies adapted for young people.

The Youth Photo Contest: Take a shot at your future is calling for young photographers to submit photos that represent youth aspirations and the future of work as they see it. The objective of the contest is to capture the diversity of youth aspirations from all over the world and influence the policy debate to improve the future of work for youth and ensure inclusive policies.

Who can participate?

Young people, 18-30 years old, from any country, can participate.

How to proceed?

Participants can submit up to a maximum of three photos via email to Dev.YouthInclusion-at-oecd.org no later than October 12,  (midnight Paris time). All entries must include the Registration Form.

A panel of judges will evaluate photos based on:

  • Relevance to the objective of the contest;
  • Photo composition/lighting;
  • Creativity and originality;
  • Caption 

What is the for the winners?

Two best pictures will be selected and winners will receive sponsorship to attend the final international conference of the EU-OECD Centre Youth Inclusion Project in Paris, France. costs to and from Paris, 3 days room and board will be provided. Moreover, the winning photos and other outstanding photographs will be displayed at an online exhibition on the OECD Development Centre website. All entries that have been selected will be notified.

Click here to download the Contest poster.

For detailed instructions on how to participate please see the General Contest Guidelines.

Photo Contest Link

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