A Nieman Fellowship is an extraordinary, transformative learning opportunity open to working in all media in every country around the world. Those selected for the spend two full semesters at Harvard auditing classes with some of the university’s greatest thinkers, participating in Nieman events and collaborating with peers. Nieman Fellows are also able to audit classes at other local universities including MIT and Tufts.

Each year, the Nieman awards paid fellowships to up to 24 working in print, broadcast, digital and audiovisual media. Journalists and other professionals working in positions that support journalism, such as the business or technology departments of companies, are welcome to apply for one of the foundation’s short-term Visiting Fellowships.


  • Nieman Fellows receive a stipend of $65,000 paid over a nine-month period to cover living costs
  • The Nieman also provides housing, childcare, and health insurance allowances based on the number and ages of family members
  • Nieman additionally covers the cost of attending Harvard classes for fellows and their affiliates. Affiliates are the partners and spouses of fellows.
  • They enjoy many of the same privileges as fellows and may attend classes, use Harvard libraries and other facilities, and are welcome to participate in almost all Nieman activities.
  • During their time at Harvard, Nieman Fellows attend seminars, shop talks, master classes and journalism designed to strengthen their professional skills and leadership capabilities, thereby helping to fortify the industry itself

For more information please visit their official website.


  • All applicants for academic-year Nieman Fellowships, including freelancers, must be working with at least five years of full-time media experience.
  • Professionals who work in relations or in a position whose primary focus is not the media are not eligible to apply.
  • During the two years prior to applying, an applicant should not have participated in a fellowship lasting four months or longer.
  • Journalism-related work completed as a university student does not count as professional experience

For more information please visit the official website.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2017

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