Since the inception of the Turkish Republic, citizens, writers, and intellectuals have grappled with their evolving and place in the scene. East/West; Empire/Nation; /Secularism: for one hundred years these, and other, binaries have been in a constant state of (fruitful) friction. To meet the need to reflect, explore, and even shape this growing national identity, Turkish literary arts has flourished in the form of poetry, fiction, journalism and even television and film and production.  This material is not only of high aesthetic quality, but also rigorous in its work to engage in the social milieu of both Turkey and in the broader human context.  Perhaps now more than ever, (in light of the recent developments in Turkish politics and the ongoing complexities of regional geopolitics,) the scrutiny of the Turkish arts is even more fascinating and timely.

This panel seeks papers that explore how Turkish writers (historical and contemporaneous) have explored the of the literary arts in engaging in the social, psychological, aesthetic, religious and/or political identities of the nation. Special consideration will be given to essays that balance close reading of the aesthetics of the works (writer’s craft) with their social / political function.

Inquiries to: Dr. Filiz Turhan, SUNY Suffolk,

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