The International of Arabic Linguistics is calling for contributions to the second issue of the third volume due end of December, 2017.

We welcome papers on the linguistic structure of Arabic as well as its and its functions in society. The welcomes in particular studies in dialectology, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, pragmatics, discourse analysis and other areas in which the focus is more on data than on theory. In other words, the journal does not adhere to any particular linguistic theory but rather encourages on new data that can give rise to new issues, or works that provide new approaches to old ones.

In addition to papers, the also publishes reviews. These are intended primarily for readers of Arabic who cannot read works published in other languages. We have noticed that many influential studies by non-Arab scholars are not very well-known among native students of Arabic linguistics. Therefore, review articles are required to be written in the Arabic language.

articles should not exceed 10,000 words and review articles 3,000 words.

Contributions should be sent before October 30th, to:

Those that are received later than this date will be considered for the following volume.

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