CFP: The (Dis)Order of Things: Mechanisms of Power and Control

Where is power found? How does power exert control? Power and control form the foundation of relationships within institutions (government, gender, self, etc.) but also invite conflict. These concepts serve to establish order and stability, but can also inspire disorder and a desire to destabilize when they become oppressive. Understanding the mechanisms of power and how they exert control, how power and control are distributed, becomes imperative in understanding and possibly resolving conflict.


 Florida Atlantic University Comparative Studies Student Association

Submission Deadline

September 15, 2017

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 We welcome submissions from diverse disciplines which explore themes within the context of power and control, including, but by no means limited to:
  • Affect
  • Agency
  • Censorship
  • Circuits of Control/Surveillance
  • Colonialism/Post-colonialism/Decolonialism
  • Control of Audience
  • Control of Body
  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Dictatorship and Tyranny
  • Environment
  • Exile
  • Gender Inequality
  • Hegemony
  • Heteronormativity
  • Holocaust
  • Jewish Studies
  • Land/Border and Immigration
  • Media/Film and Representations of Order/Control
  • Minority Voices and Identity
  • Monstrosity and (Dis)ordered Bodies and/or Minds
  • Organization Theories
  • Otherness/Alienness
  • Patriarchy
  • Police and Policing
  • Popular Culture
  • Propaganda and Protest
  • Race
  • Religious Control
  • Representation
  • Sadism/Masochism
  • Whiteness
  • or similar concepts.

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