Applicants are invited from all around to Globe to get acquainted with human rights heroes, community welfare activists and philanthropists, all under the same roof. Get yourself immersed in the most dynamic Human Rights, Community Welfare and Philanthropy Conclave on the foothills of the Himalayas, ever!

#LeaveNoOneBehind International Conclave on Human Rights, Community Welfare, Philanthropy and UN Sustainable Development Goals is aimed at:

  • Bringing the real human rights heroes, community welfare activists & philanthropists on one platform
  • Exchange of ideas and brainstorming sessions on how to innovate to get to the solutions of the human rights challenges and concerns
  • Honoring activists for their role & contribution in the field of human rights and community welfare
  • Draw the attention towards, focus on and form a plan of action to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Motivate and activists around the world to #LeaveNoOneBehind




Participants will get an to network and learn from like-minded individuals who are working towards creating an enabling environment through ensuring equal opportunities, recognizing and working towards human rights and creating an integrated space

Participants will get to meet and hear real-life stories from Human Rights Activists

At the end of the Conclave, participants will get the  to design their own project in their home-towns and use this platform to display/talk about it.


In order to participate in the Conclave, you must be at least 18 years of age, currently enrolled in University, or working/volunteering with an organization that is working towards Human Rights, Community Welfare, Philanthropy and Sustainable Development Goals

Eligible Regions: ‘Open for All’


If you are really keen on working towards Human Rights, Community Welfare, Philanthropy or the UN SDG’s, then you may visit our official website and fill out the Registration Form

Application Deadline: August 14,

Visit Official Website to Register

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