The Fourteenth On The History of the Language Sciences, ICHoLS XIV, will be held from August 28 to September 1 in Paris.

Since 1978 ICHoLS conferences have brought together specialists in the discipline every three years. Previous conferences have been held in Ottawa, Lille, Princeton, Trier, Galway, Washington, Oxford, Fontenay-St Cloud (Paris), São Paolo & Campinas, Urbana-Champaign, Potsdam, St Petersburg and Vila Real.

We are pleased to inform you that you may now register for the ICHoLS conference (August 28 – September 1 in Paris).

Keynote Speakers:

Sylvain Auroux,
Saroja Bhate,
Bernard Colombat,
Marina de Palo,
Jean-Michel Fortis,
José Gomez-Asencio,
John Joseph,
Nicola McLelland

Registration and Fees:

Speaker : 180,00 € (after April 30: 230,00€)
Scientific committee or LabEx EFL member: 120,00€ (after April 30: 170,00€)
Student : 100,00 (after April 30: 150,00€)
Listener : 60,00€ (after April 30: 110,00€)

Accommodation / Lunch:
You will find a list of hotels on the conference website
Lunches will be available at the conference but are not included in your registration fees; you may purchase tickets when you register. It will not be possible to buy tickets during the conference.

Gala Dinner:

A gala dinner will take place on Thursday 31 (limited to 100 persons). You may order tickets when you register.

Financial Support:

Grants for PhD students: To help PhD and PhD holders with expenses, the organizing committee is offering 10 grants (250 € each).


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