14th International Conference on the History of The Language Sciences, Paris

The Fourteenth International Conference On The History of the Language Sciences, ICHoLS XIV, will be held from August 28 to September 1 2017 in Paris.

Since 1978 ICHoLS conferences have brought together specialists in the discipline every three years. Previous conferences have been held in Ottawa, Lille, Princeton, Trier, Galway, Washington, Oxford, Fontenay-St Cloud (Paris), São Paolo & Campinas, Urbana-Champaign, Potsdam, St Petersburg and Vila Real.

We are pleased to inform you that you may now register for the ICHoLS conference (August 28 – September 1 2017 in Paris).

Keynote Speakers:

Sylvain Auroux,
Saroja Bhate,
Bernard Colombat,
Marina de Palo,
Jean-Michel Fortis,
José Gomez-Asencio,
John Joseph,
Nicola McLelland

Registration and Fees:

Speaker : 180,00 € (after April 30: 230,00€)
Scientific committee or LabEx EFL member: 120,00€ (after April 30: 170,00€)
Student : 100,00 (after April 30: 150,00€)
Listener : 60,00€ (after April 30: 110,00€)

Accommodation / Lunch:
You will find a list of hotels on the conference website
Lunches will be available at the conference but are not included in your registration fees; you may purchase tickets when you register. It will not be possible to buy tickets during the conference.

Gala Dinner:

A gala dinner will take place on Thursday 31 (limited to 100 persons). You may order tickets when you register.

Financial Support:

Grants for PhD students: To help PhD students and young PhD holders with travel expenses, the organizing committee is offering 10 grants (250 € each).