Win $2500 in Benjamin Bloom Scholarship Program Essay Competition 2017

Psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Bloom was known for his contribution towards cognitive learning and he devised a taxonomy named ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy’ which helps students to approach any assignment or essay in a cognitively correct way.

To honor his contributions, AssignmentEssayHelp gives scholarship to students every year in the form of student competition in which students are expected to write an essay which complies with all the concepts of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Submission Deadline: 30 December 2017


  • This scholarship is ONLY FOR STUDENTS (Scanned image of your student ID card is compulsory at the time of submission of your essay).
  • The judgement of essay reviewers of AssignmentEssayHelp will be final and abiding.
  • You need to fill the application form
  • The Prize sum will be transferred directly to your bank account through PayPal (You would need to have a PayPal account).
  • Your university should have no objection from your participation and winning cash prizes.
  • Only winners will be notified through E-mail and Phone.


  • Your essay should be between 2000 words – 2500 words
  • Your essay should be on any one of the topics mentioned below
    • Changing education scenario due to the internet
    • Third world war: America and North Korea
    • Rise of dictatorial leadership across the world
    • Is the world still Racist?
    • Should there be repatriation from colonial countries to their colonies?
  • Essay language is ENGLISH
  • A student can submit more than one essay on different topics.
  • Same winner can again participate next month.
  • Your essay should be plagiarism free.
  • Your essay will be judged on following parameters
    • Introducing convincing ideas, discussion or analysis
    • Discussion on all the aspects of Bloom’s Taxonomy 
    • English quality
    • Use of references
    • Thought flow
  • Your essay file name should be <Student Name>_<Topic>
  • Only .doc or .docx file type is allowed
  • Final essay should be emailed at

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