Thank you very much, sir. However, I’ll bring forth some …

Comment on Enemies of progress: The lies by Bayo.

Thank you very much, sir.

However, I’ll bring forth some other issues you might have forgotten:

1. The damning case of plagiarism that “indicted Dr. Usman as a serial plagiarist whose entire academic career and achievements were soaked in intellectual dishonesty.”

2. That, “A scrutiny of his pay slips (the VC) over the years clearly reveals that the only legally-approved salary the professor of veterinary medicine has received since he became the VC in October 2012 is his first month pay in office; it showed only the statutory entitlement of a VC. All other payments since then have fallen far beyond the ambit … ”

3. The outstanding case of one Dr. Jimoh who supposedly was a PhD student as at January 2011, but within four years rose to an associate professor — “ a generosity that has helped him bypass lecturers, who taught him during his undergraduate days.”

4. Etc.

The question thusly is, what stops the University of Ilorin from instituting a lawsuit?

More worrisome perhaps is the fact that what is observable from all angles is just repudiation: statement after statement. Like the university spokesperson puts it, the report is “… an unsubstantiated beer parlour gossips”.

Indeed it could be if proven thus.

By the admonition of Robert Greene, the 21st century Machiavelli, “Win through your actions, never through argument”.