Kudos to the prolific writer on a topic that requires …

Comment on The First Class controversy by Abdulahi O. FALADE.

Kudos to the prolific writer on a topic that requires proper attention and scrutinization.

Graduating with first class has always been a prestige and worth pursuing as an academic achievement. Not only that it makes one distinct among others, but also creates ample opportunities.

But the bone of contention is that, being a first class graduate doesn’t implies you are at the top of the world and not a yardstick for any academic fellow to look than on others. By the way, most Nigerian first class graduates are known to be brilliant base on cognitive domain while affective and psycho-motor domain part of education is being left out due to adopted system of education. Thus, we have cases of graduates with first class grades which are questionable.

At this juncture, I am advising first class graduates to see this achievement as a challenge to work harder because it is not over until it is over. I believe every student has a unique feature which makes him/her a first class at any point in life.

For those that are still in neighbourhood of achieving first class grade , put in your efforts and I wish you the best in all ramifications.