Yes, almighty remains the “rallying point” the situation has defiled …

Comment on THE NATION ON TRIAL: FAITH TO THE RESCUE – A Presentation by Rasaq Taofeeq.

Yes, almighty remains the “rallying point” the situation has defiled all predictions. In this connection i can likened to the word of “ngugi wathiongo ” in his book :weep not child “that hope for a better day remain the only hope of comforting a weeping child “

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Dr. Is it for real?

Should a Person Give Up on Career for the Sake of Family?
It’s an issue that calls for serious understanding, so as to allow ensure that “suicidal” decision that can as well be a clog to the growth of the family. I don’t expect a family head to leave his job in this prevailing economy situation. How does the family survive?

Oloyede’s N5 billion revolution
The developments, a serious challenge to our political class, that a call to service is to serve humanity not to siphon the public fund.

Fund LAUTECH, save education
Dr, you have really expressed their plight, since you are once with them. The problem is with our leaders, they are paying lip attention to education.

“If you were a leader, what would you do to ensure that peace and security is achieved and sustained in Africa?”
As a leader i would ensure justice, fairness and equity in all my undertakings.