Government should also place ban on the importation of ‘bend …

Comment on GMOs: Fire on the mountain! by IMRAN Dhikirullah.

Government should also place ban on the importation of ‘bend down select’ bra and pant. They are health wise hazardous to those who put them on.Our government should try to stop these oyinbo people from turning our land into rubbish heap.They should not see us as a people who lacks ethics and ethoses. Thanks for this Eye-opener piece.It is 100% medical. Your pen will not dry.

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Oloyede’s N5 billion revolution
Well written. And there is one thing our President must do. As he did for Fashola,Prof. Oloyede too must be made to man three key educational patastatals in Nigeria: JAMB,WAEC and NECO. Only this can clear the mess we daily experience in our educational sector.

This prosaic presentation is attributively’fagunalised’.The simplicity of your style of writing makes you a celebrated writer. Prejudice apart ( inclusive or exclusive),a reasonable reader would know that you stand taller of all the writers of your time. I pray ALLAH to always increase you both in knowledge and wisdom.

Motivate yourself
You always talk tough and sensibly. Truth is factual. A man is what he believes he is.