R i p – Champion ! …

Comment on Muhammad Ali: The legend lives on by Akinpeju Afolabi Ismail Taiwo.

R i p – Champion !

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Yeah, it is a goal, Weah!
Naam my Prof. Jazakallahu khairan, Barakallahufih.

Yeah, it is a goal, Weah!
Prof. nothing is impossible as the word says I’m possible.

JAMB: The chief has come
Alhamdulillah rabil alamin,Jihad fisabilillah!!! Barakallahufih-Amin.

Why not me?
Shukrah !Alhamdulillah rabil alamin my prof. Barakallahufih-Amin.

Character is everything
Character!character!!character!!! is Everything we must all display positively @ all time to get it done safely to our promise land. My prof.this is highly educative, enlighten & informative. Jazakallahu khairan,Barakallahufih-Amin.