Comment on Dada versus Orisaguna by Olabisi Zaynab Dere.

Let’s take it away from our leaders/rulers in power, let’s bring it closer to ourselves. The academic environment does not celebrate academic success at all. Rather than groom good students to come into the system and make a difference, they will fix in people who might not even have a flair for lecturing but since there’s no job, why reject the one gotten on a platter of gold. Such a person will just focus on writing papers and publishing since that’s wat determines promotion and then wat kind of students can we breed from that kind of system. thank God the boy is from Unilag, they will give him a job, but how many of our higher institutions groom their best brains now. It’s all politicking, even when they know these best brains are assets to improve our failing higher institutions. All a first class graduate gets is a paltry sum at this age and time. If he/she is lucky enough to travel out for postgraduate, den he has to do the same course at first degree, if not no placement in our system. At this age and time that research has gone interdisciplinary all around the world. Please sir Mahfouz Adedimeji, let’s address this issues.

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