Wow, an awesome piece from an admirable Dr. Your write-ups …

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Wow, an awesome piece from an admirable Dr. Your write-ups inspire me to do a lot more than I currently am. I quite agree with Dr. Mahfouz on a number of things and the bottom line is this – hard work cannot be replaced! The place of focus and excellence cannot also be over-emphasized. The good Dr.knows my take on campus relationships. I had one which has blossomed into marriage and I do not regret it but I must say, ours was a relationship where we pushed each other to succeed and both of us graduated in flying colors. In everything one does, the purpose and proposed end results must be determined ab-initio. Focus, hardwork, dedication and God are key!!! Congratulations to Dada. University of Ilorin needs people like this. By the way, I am a product of the amazing Dr. Adedimeji & by extension, the great Unilorin. I hail oh!

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Dada versus Orisaguna
I am with Dr. Adedimeji on this. Whilst I felicitate with Olajumoke and say Amen to the Dr’s prayers for her. I also hope that the Nigerian academic system will indeed rise up and promote hard work by celebrating Ayodele Dada. He is indeed uncommon!