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It takes great courage to be unreasonable, only the ones with lion heart can pull it through. Pursuit your passion, never allow situation to dictate for you and you will be there in no time.

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Why is Nigeria proud of JAMB?
The registrar efforts are highly commendable, he make last year, register over 2million candidates, jamb annual return to federal pulse was 2500% more than previous years. During his first year, jamb have been able to tackle technical problem during and examination. CBT centres have been charge to improve on their facilities. It takes discipline to achieve all this. Kudos to prof. Isaq oloyede. My recommendation is that, federal government should appoint this Great Educationists as minister of education. I am very sure Nigeria educational system will be revive.

Why is Nigeria proud of JAMB?
Am not surprise with the achievements outline in this post. Because as a student of university of Ilorin, I knew and understood what registrar is capable of doing. The in jamb is of world class, Technological jamb has advanced. Unlike before when there are lots of challenges student faced in registering for the exam. First time in jamb they were able to register over 2million candidate last year. This showed that some loopholes has been blocked. My recommendation is that federal government should appoint Prof. Isaq as and am very sure there will be a great development in Nigeria educational sector. My view

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