Comment on Be inspired by Obasanjo by Joshua Deborah OPEYEMI.

Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo had always been a source of inspiration to many including me, I can remember the good things he did while he was in power, hardly have I ever heard all his bad attitudes when he was the President of Nigeria. Obasanjo was said to be a son of a good woman who prayed for him till he reached his peak of greatness. It was during his time that a move was made over Nigeria debts, he even implemented a law “Debt forgiveness” ,where by He practically confessed that Nigeria can’t pay back all those debts but rather, we should be forgiven and the debts cancelled. It was done and from there Nigeria started saving up her excesses. He also made a move over telecommunications, and many more things
So if a man who had inspired me this much can earn his ph.d, then what should stop me from pursuing my own career to the very peak

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