Comment on Remember Rwanda! by Bakreen AbdulRazaq.

Thank you sir for the dip into as we must learn from it. My concern lies with the style of conflict we have across the globe. A special case of Africa and Middle East that are clearly tensed with socio-cultural dichotomies cum pressures, shouldn’t both local and international news media champion a constructive and peaceful ? I don’t believe peace neglect reality, even if there is violence or tension in the land, I am convinced that constructive and investigative tailored towards peace-seeking, peace-making and peace-keeping would go along way forestalling violence and restoring tranquility. On the other hands, war war war!!! it isn’t cheer making scenario even as the perpetrators kick as though it were a melody, when it comes the stone thrown at the market could set the thrower’s home on fire. Family is decimated, legacies are truncated and the living smiles on child’s face disappears while that agony and dread replaces. Haven’t we seen the Syrian child? Don’t we want the joy of a Chinese boy who create and plays with robotic inventories? Nigeria and Africa must ignore the call of war and embrace the path of peace. We must discern the recurring colonial demons that lurk our tracks, we must fight it head-on and bring home harmony to the diverse quarters. I believe in diversity there is many opportunities to reach greatness.
Thank you.

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