Comment on Abdul Hafeez Adedimeji: A life of learning by Abdullahi Abubakar Sa’adallah Al-ilory.

SubhanAllah!!! it was make me sad when i heard about this gentle, respectful, scholar death but the things i know is that no one can lives forever every human being must know that as more he/she lives as more he/she shall die!!
my friend whats it? whats that? whats your worthy? who are you? makes you saying am the most powerful, wealthful, bigful, when you would leave it all one day!! while to let me tell you the kind person you’re, you most dullard sluggard i ever know!
may Almighty Allah forgive all his sins shortcomings & makes Jannah firdaous his abode place, and accept all his deeds.
may Allah be with all his families and all the Muslims UMMAH

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