Comment on THE NATION ON TRIAL: FAITH TO THE RESCUE – A Presentation by Aina Akindele Oyebanji.

Dr Mahfouz has shield more light on the trial facing a nation that reject God’s rules despite our religiosity, ignore morality and tolerance.
Is only our political elites that can downplay the negative effect of ethnicity and same to our religion leaders who should never hesitate to tell their followers that religion tolerance usher in more peace and tranquility.

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Remember Rwanda!

Remember Rwanda!
The Abuja politicians should rule according to fairness and justice..

Love, don’t hate
O Lord my God, forbid me to hate a man created in Thy own image.
Love your neighbours as yourself not love your fellow Christians as yourself, neighbours can be Muslims,Hindu, animists,Buddhists, etc

The First Class controversy
I agree with you

Make hay while the sun shines
Amen and you too

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