Comment on Why not me? by Abel Adeola.

This struck me, “I think “Why me?” is loaded with conceit and hatred. It is conceit to assume that one is so special that one should not experience what is ordinarily part of the life for billions of people. And it is hatred that one wonders why God does not choose one’s neighbour for the calamity that has befallen one.
And this got me close to tears…
“According to him, “50 million children started playing Tennis. 5 million learnt to play Tennis. 500,000 learnt Professional Tennis. 50,000 came to Circuit. 5,000 reached Grandslam. 50 reached Wimbledon. 4 reached the Semifinals. 2 reached the Finals and when I was holding the cup in my hand, I never asked God, ‘Why me?’ So, now that I am in pains, how can I ask God, ‘Why me?’”

This is so enlightening and realistic, not jux for who we r as humans, but for who we should be!
Respect sir!!!

Abel Adeola Also Commented

Why not me?
Everything is fine sir…thanks to the Almighty

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